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Open Source Baldi License.

Baldi and all characters are property of mystman12. All code, assets, and music are owned by mystman12. We have nothing to do with mystman12, this is a fanmade decompile of the game. We are not responsible for anything made with said decompile, but you may not use this decompile for commercial purposes. This includes ads, ingame-purchases etc. By using this tool or playing any mods created with this tool you agree to the conditions above.

Note: These are fixed versions of Jumpman25's Baldi's Basics 1.4.3 and Birthday Bash decompiles. If you use these decompiles make sure to give credit to me and Jumpman25.  And also these decompiles are for people that have a proper Unity experience.

BIG NOTE: It is required to use Unity hub for the New versions of the project or else the Decompiles won't work

Porting Error: The TMP will restart when porting to some new versions of Unity making the text not accurate to the original games.  Example Image

I Recommend this Unity Version For 1.4.3 and birthday bash: 2019.2.8f1.


Porky Powers: Fixed the decompiles.

Basically games: Owners and Creator of Baldi's Basics.

Jumpman25: Made the original decompiles.

SplintaDinta: Baldi Model

MissingTextureMan101: Made Open Source Baldi.

Want old versions of this project go here -link

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AuthorPorky Powers
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